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Comparison between your home made label or classic tag and our label and medal engraved medallions.

Please find hereunder some arguments why you should: 
  • use our labels instead of your "home made labels".
Your home made label or classic tag.
Labels and Medallions of Honest Citizen
The person who finds your item is 100% sure to be able to report it right away :
  • 24/7 tip line.
  • by telephone or website.
  • in French and English.
The owner (user/company) can use for each protected item:
  • several telephone numbers (eg. mobile, home, office).
  • several key people to contact (name, first name, relationship, email).
The owner (user/company) can:
  • indicate the same contacts for each protected item.
  • indicate different contacts for each protected item. 
Nice to have option since the three key people are most likely not the same for your company BlackBerry or your passeport.
You can keep the same label/metal medallion if you :
  • move into a new home.
  • change your telephone number.
Your label or tag mentions "Recompense/Reward" in order to motivate people to contact you as soon as possible?
And many other differences exist :

  • respect of the private life of the person who finds your item.
  • less risk of blackmail because the finder does not know if the owner of the laptop is a student or belongs to a Top 100 Nasdaq company.
  • etc.