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Examples of returned objects  

Meredith did not realise that her mobile phone dropped off the table where she had a coffee with her colleague. Back in her office, a message from us was already waiting for her since Victor had actually found her mobile phone and had given our company a phone call. Meredith returned our call, she purchased our localization fee and we transferred Victor's contact details. We shipped a reward to Victor once Meredith retrieved her mobile phone. 

Tom forgot his tennis racket last Saturday evening in a restaurant after playing tennis with his friend. When Lydia closed the restaurant that evening she found Tom's tennis racket and she left us a message on our telephone server specifying that we could contact her on Sunday but not before 1 pm. We returned her call and expressed our gratitude and explained her the next steps. We gave Tom him a phone call Sunday afternoon, he bought a localization free and we transferred Lydia's contact details. We shipped the reward to Lydia Monday morning.
When Richard boards his flight to the USA, he forgets his computer bag in the departure lounge. Gillian, an honest citizen finds his bag a couple of minutes later and thanks to our engraved medallion finds our telephone number instantly. We tried to contact Richard right away but unfortunately, he had already boarded. We left him a message and phoned the first person listed on the Three-Key-People list, Mike, his colleague who told us that Richard left for Chicago but he couldn't help us more than that. We phoned therefore the second person on the Three-Key-People list, Carole - his wife - and we found out in which hotel Richard was staying at in Chicago. We phoned the hotel and left a message for him at the reception desk. In the meantime, Carole had bought ou localization fee and joined Gillian by phone and she agreed to meet her in London in order to return the laptop. Once Carole had retrieved her husband's laptop, we shipped our reward to Gillian.