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Founding of our company  

The solution to a recurring problem
I have always occupied jobs with lots of international travel and I have often found forgotten or lost items. Like the majority of people, I tried to find the owner in order to return the item but unfortunately this was not always that easy and most of the time ... impossible. How can you trace an anonymous set of keys lost in a train? Well, you can't. 

Existing solutions.
Some companies sell labels and plastic badges linked with a couple of SMS's they send out automatically when your objet is found. For a couple of them, selling your email addresses is the actual objective and the lost and found items an ancillary business.

I'm convinced that a human being that analyzes each situation before acting is more effective than sending out automatically a SMS. On top of that, most services need frequent renewal and purchase of SMS credits. Anyway, what is the interest in sending an SMS on my mobile phone if I just lost it? 

We think that we have created themes simple and easy service for you.

We don't simply sell labels or engraved medallions, we offer a 24/7 protection. Just stick our label on your Smartphone or attach our engraved medallion on your set of keys and register online. That's all.

Yes, most people are honest. Returning a found item to its owner is a gesture which makes life in community enjoyable. I want to make this civil act easy and rewarding.

I hope that you share my philosophy, I will be proud to count you as a customer.

Maarten Dubbeld
Honest Citizen