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General Terms of Sale 

The company Honest Citizen, with a capital of € 20.000, situated at 14, ruelle Gallieni 95320 Saint Leu la Forêt, France, and owner of the website that can be visited on the following URL address : His president, Mister Maarten Dubbeld has registred the company uneder the number « R.C.S. Pontoise 538 760 703.
Article 1 – Applicability
Our  "GTS" or General Terms of Sales» are applicable to the users of the website quoted above. The use of the website constitue acceptance of our "GTS". The client can read and print them directly from our website. Any physical person, aged at least 18 can registrer himself in our database and become a client. 
Article 2 – Services
Honest Citizen offers to companies and private individuals a preventive protection service, by the means of a label or engraved medallion. It can be used for mobile assets like laptops, cell phones, navigation systems, external hard drives, bunch of keys, suitcases, etc. Objets carrying a label or medallion can easily be identified for the finder. Each label and medallion indicates our tip line (available 24/7) and website address as well as a unique ID number. Our QR code label has on top of the tip line and ID number a QR Code which can be flashed by the finder's SmartPhone. The finder can therefore contact our company easily and quickly. Honest Citizen manages the database including the object information as well as the contact information of the owner. (déclaration n° ……….. of the CNIL).
Article 3 – Registring an object in our database.
The client needs, first of all, to purchase a label or engraved medallion for each object he wants to protect. We will ship the labels and/or medallions in a individual wrapping with instructions. The buyer needs to activate the each label and medallion by using our online form accessible directly through our website. The owner has the possibility to modify/update both his contacts details as well as the description of the protected items by using one of our online forms.

Article 4 - The duration of the protection.
Honest Citizen is committed to maintain the information concerning the object without limit of time. 
Article 5 - The finder
Honest Citizen motivates the finder of an objet protected by our company by offering him a reward. Each label and medallion carries the mention "reward and or recompense". The finder has different ways at his disposal to inform us that he found an object. He can use our tip line, available 24/7, our website or our mobile website by using the QR Code. He will be invited to leave his name and telephone number each time. We will establish contact with the finder as soon as possible and we will contact the owner of the object afterwards. Our call back service to customers is available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. It is the responsibility of the owner to contact the finder in order to agree a meeting in order to retrieve his objet.

Article 6 – Localization fee.
The localization fee is invoiced to the owner every time one of his lost objects is located and the contact details of the finder known. The price is indicated directly in our online shop.The finder will receive a reward composed of 5 labels which he can use or give to any person of his choice. 
Article 7 – Return of the object
Honest Citizen does not interfere logistically speaking between the finder and the owner and will not be in any case responsible for the return of the lost object. Honest Citizen isn't accountable either for the state in which the owner retrieves its object.
Article 8 – Refusal or exclusion of our database

Honest Citizen reserves itself the right to refuse the inscription of a customer with whom a problem occured in the past.

Article 9 – Delivery of the labels and/or medallions
Honest Citizen ships the ordered labels and medallions 24 hours after the purchase. Nevertheless, we can not be hold responsible for delays with the postal shipment due to strikes or delays.
Article 10 – Online payment
Honest Citizen uses the platform Oxatis ( and the bank Société Générale ( for the online payment. Honest Citizen does not keep directly the bank transfer details.
Article 11 - Confidentiality
Honest Citizen doesn not transfer in any case the contact details of the owner to the finder. The owner itself has the responsibility to inform the finder how he can contact him in order to set up a meeting to retrieve his object. We advice owners to uses a public telephone line when a bunch of keys (home or car) need to be retrieved in order to keep their home address confidential.
Article 12 –Availability of Honest Citizen.
We strive to to maintain available 24/7. Very short periods where the website is not available could occur for maintenance or upgrades.
Article 13 – Opinions and testemonials
Clients can express their opinion on our products and services. Nevertheless, we authorise ourselves the right to refuses or executed moderation within the opinion and commantairies. We we authorise ourselves as well to publish those opinions or commentaries for a short or long period of time.
Article 14 – Intellectual propriety.
It is strictly forbidden to reproduce any content of our website with prior written conscent of Honest Citizen. Any link, even Tout lien hypertexte, même authorised implicitly needs to be deleted if Honest Citizen demands so.
Article 15 – Responsabilities.
Honest Citizen strives to supply a quick and efficient service but we only deliver a obligation of means not a obligation of result. We can not, in any way, ensure that we will localise the lost object. The labels and medallions can evolve in order to satisfy the needs of the customers. We can not garantee for that reason that the picture on the internet are fully identical to the lables or madallions delivered.
Article 16 : Personnal Information.
According to the application of the French law n°78-17 of 6 january 1978 concerning information technologies, databases and personnal freedom, the information asked for is necessary for the constitution of a database of protected objects. The client has a legal right to access his personnal information and to modify those by addressing a letter indicating the required modifications to Honest Citizen SAS, 14, ruelle Gallieni 95320 Saint Leu la Forêt, France or by establishing contact through email. The necessary contact information of our customers for the purchase and delivery of goods is kept secure and will not be used for any commercial action by third parties.
Article 17 – Force majeure.
The client can not engage any legal action against Honest Citizen for a delay of our service in the case of force majeure like war, insurrection, riots, computer failure, power cuts, natural catastrophes, etc.
Article 18 – Other
In the case that one or multiple articles of the General Terms of Sale are rendered null or considered non enforceable, this are these article(s) should be deleted without affecting the other articles.
Article 19 - Law and juridiction.
These General Conditions of Sale are subject to the French law and to the competence of the Tribunal de Commerce de Paris. In order to facilitate the access to our websites, we offer a french and english version. The french version is  de nos clients, nos sites sont disponibles en plusieurs langues but the french site is the reference.
Article 20 – Legal information.
Owner : Honest Citizen
President : Maarten Dubbeld
Head office : 14, Ruelle Gallieni – 95320 Saint Leu la Forêt
RCS Pontoise 538 760 703
VAT number : FR 27 538760703
Email :
Legal juridiction : Paris