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Smartphones, key rings, laptops, USB keys, tablets and other mobile asset get lost every day and are often found by honest citizens, you and me.

Our mission
Convince you to identify your objects, before you loose them, by purchasing our labels and engraved medallions and to register them in our database. We will inform you from Monday to Friday, 9 am - 6 pm) that we have located one of your lost objects. Our tip line is available 24/7 (vocal server, our website).

Our service
All our labels and engraved medallions contain a unique ID number which connects them to the owner. The finder of your lost object can give us a phone call or declare it on our website. We offer the protection of two objets free of charge, for the finder. (commercial value of 20 euros).

Our price per protected objet : 10,00 €
- you never loose anything: you are a star!
- you loose your object adné we manage to locate it: we get in touch with you as soon as possible.