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How it works
You loose your object protected by our services.
Somebody finds it and contacts us either by phone or through the internet. The service for reporting a found item is available 24/7.
We contact you from Monday to Friday between 9 am - 6 pm)  to inform you that your item has been located. 
You contact the finder in order to set up a meeting for the recovery process. Once the item recovered, the finder receives à reward.

  • 10,00 € per protected object
  • The inscription in our database, the protection of your object as well as the shipping costs are included in the price.
  • you stick our labels on your items and attach our medallions on your items.
  • you use our online form to register your items/medallions. 
  • no subscription cost.
  • items benefit from 24/7 protection.
Our offer.

Honest Citizen offers you the possibility to register yourself as owner of your items in our database and to be informed when one of your lost items has been located.

We offer therefore a preventive protection system of mobile assets (mobile phone, set of keys, laptop, tablet, pet, USB key, passport, etc.) supplemented with individualized assistance with the recovery process, for both companies and individuals.

The finder or the public service that wants to report your lost item can contact us 24/7 in english and french by telephone or through our website. We will inform the owner from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm when one of his items is located. The finder obtains his reward once the owner has recovered his item.

For companies and individuals!

We can only help you if you have identified your stuff before you loose it so ..... what are you waiting for?

10,00 € (VAT excl.) per label
inscripion, lifetime protection and update and shipping costs included.
2 cm x 4 cm

10,00 € (VAT excl.) per engraved medallion
inscription, lifetime protection and update and shipping costs included.